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My FB Contacts is a free and easy way to export and backup the contact details of your friends on Facebook. Once exported you can then import your contacts in to your Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook account.

By default, Facebook inhibits the export of our friends email addresses. It is no matter of privacy protection on their part, if someone has confirmed you as their friend they are also implying that they trust you enough to see and have their contact information. Facebook ensures that you don't use other communication methods by making it unduly laborious to copy and use these details elsewhere. My FB Contacts was created in response to this.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Announcing My FB Contacts

Version 1.0 of My FB Contacts is now available for download.

As this is the first release any comments or suggestions are welcome. Just add a comment to this post using the links below. Future versions (if they are created) will hopefully extract more details and provide compatibility as needed.

Currently My FB Contacts will export your contacts name, 1st email address, mobile phone, land line phone number and their home town. Custom written OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software converts the email addresses from images to text with an accuracy of 100%.


facebook curious said...

How do we know this is not spyware?

Who are you guys? wont this get us banned like scoble since this is a violation of facebooks terms of use?

My FB Contacts said...

This is not spyware and has been provided as an option for those who wish to take such a course of action.

There is no guarantee that Facebook will or will not ban your account.

Anonymous said...

hmm looks great, you're saying that if you want to leave fb anyway there's no downside in being booted off.

What's the safest way to extract MY (!) data with the lowest liklihood of being banned?

My FB Contacts said...

In response to "what the safest way to extract data is, with the lowest likelihood of being banned?", the answer is to manually extract the details of your contacts by hand.

My FB Contacts tries to be as inconspicuous as possible but no guarantees can be given. As suggested on the download page, be logged out of Facebook while the program runs and do not attempt to login. It also seems that the more friends you have, the longer the program runs and therefore the more chance of Facebook recognizing extraction. My FB Contacts has previously been run on accounts with 200 - 300 friends without the accounts being banned.