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My FB Contacts is a free and easy way to export and backup the contact details of your friends on Facebook. Once exported you can then import your contacts in to your Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook account.

By default, Facebook inhibits the export of our friends email addresses. It is no matter of privacy protection on their part, if someone has confirmed you as their friend they are also implying that they trust you enough to see and have their contact information. Facebook ensures that you don't use other communication methods by making it unduly laborious to copy and use these details elsewhere. My FB Contacts was created in response to this.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Migration vs Exporting

It should be noted that My FB Contacts is provided as an option for timely migration as much as it is an option for the export and backup of your contacts. As the temperature seems to rise around the issue of exporting Facebook contacts and data portability in general, remember that as much as Facebook can threaten and ban it's users for the same type of actions that it itself carries out, the idea of migration circumvents many threats against us. In the end a tool such as My FB Contacts will let you move your contacts data if you ever decide to migrate, something that it seems Facebook will never let you do, though I'm sure many of us hope that they will.

When and if you decide to migrate from Facebook ask yourself what is preferable:
  • All of you Facebook contacts automatically extracted and their details in a portable format, with the risk of a banned account?
  • A Facebook account you don't wish to use any more, with contact data that could only be extractable through laborious and time consuming self removal and insertion into another system?
This is not meant to incite anyone into getting themselves banned. This is meant to incite change... and for as long as technology is used to deny the freedom of choice, I hope that it will also be used to assure that same freedom.

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